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Copy gives you free 15GB of space in cloud


If you haven’t heard of, then you are missing a 15GB of free space on cloud. this great cloud storage space Copy gives you free 15GB of space in cloud, and you can expand your space with referrals. each time your referral sign up successfully, both your get 5GB extra. Sign up for copy […]

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Change Sharepoint 2013 Passphrase Key using Powershell


Background I’ve been working on SharePoint technology for past couple of years. In one of our lab environment, we are working on a SharePoint 2013 infrastructure. There was a requirement when we wanted to configure another instance of SharePoint and join it to Existing Farm. this is very basic requirement when you want to join […]

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Configure Team Foundation Server to use custom domain name

Visual Studio Team Suite

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is great product by Microsoft used for Project Management, version control in team environment. I’ve been using Team Foundation Server since 2010, and i prefer to install it on my own servers. when I install TFS, the only way to access TFS Server was though Server Name and a default Port : […]


How to find all the checked nodes in TreeView using C#


Scenario : If you are a programmer and you are in a situation where you have “TreeView” populated either from database or manually. You have “CheckBoxes” turned on and you want to get all those nodes, no matter what level they are.

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